Mission Statement

What is Virtual Heritage? When you combine the power of digital media and the Internet and apply it to history, architecture, archaeology, and the arts - you have Virtual Heritage.

Virtual Heritage is an avenue to democratize the dissemination of information. It can be the simple digitization of a collection - documents, photographs or 3-dimensional artifacts. The act of digitization takes that item from the cloistered confine of an archive and provides accessibility to the information it holds.

Virtual Heritage can add another dimension to the exploration of the past - the third dimension. This application is not simply a Virtual Reality tour; it incorporates all elements - architecture, science and culture - into a computer generated landscape. Virtual Reality can resurrect what is no longer there, as in the case of the historic launch structures at Cape Canaveral. It can also provide an in depth understanding of an existing structure or object - as it can 'peel away' a surface and allow an individual to examine what lies beneath.

So what is Virtual Heritage? It is a multi-disciplinary approach to examining the past utilizing the latest digital technology to disseminate information.